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we Unlock the POWER OF adaptability

to fuel your Business Success


This decade will bring more change than the past century. 

AI, Emerging Technologies, Globalization, Social Change and Hybrid Work are converging and disrupting our world.

// Change is causing Fear, Confusion & Stagnation.
// Companies are failing to Adapt...and disappearing.
// People are failing to Adapt...and being left behind.


Organizations, Leaders and Teams are struggling to adapt swiftly amidst crises and persistent disruptions.



Disruption is a common feature within the S&P 500 as the lifespan of a listed company has shrunk from 61 to 18 years*, a testament to unrelenting market shifts.


As the landscape evolves, employees face the daunting task of re-skilling and up-skilling, with a staggering 40% of jobs poised to vanish within the next decade**.

// $1 trillion in productivity lost

The repercussions are far-reaching, impeding growth and precipitating a decline in mental well-being, ultimately translating to an astronomical loss of $1 trillion in productivity***.

Footnote: */** McKinsey & Co; **WHO


Harnessing the Power of Science, Ann and her network of  AQ coaches equip your team to become highly skilled in adapting to change and driving positive outcomes. 


Employing the AQai A.C.E. model as a foundation, Ann guides you through understanding the key dimensions of adaptability and how to leverage them to hit organizational goals.  With a tailored plan, interactive workshops and coaching based on your AQ results, you'll strengthen your adaptability and be set up for success.

// Embrace Change for Higher Team Performance 
// Cultivate Adaptable Leaders to Accelerate Growth
// Develop a More Positive, Productive Workforce

Witness your team's transformation as adaptability becomes their superpower, driving success in real world challenges.

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Supercharge your organization by strengthening your adaptability using the AQai A.C.E. model, a science-based approach to managing change at work.

Embrace the power of adaptation and fuel your success with awareness, insights and a well crafted plan.


Get ready to crush your goals as we lead you through a dynamic series of actionable steps towards unstoppable transformation!

// Clarify Goals
// Assess Your Adaptability
// Create an Action Plan



Deepen your knowledge of adaptability and strengthen it while gaining team alignment to reach organizational goals. 

// assessments

AQme and AQTeam, comprehensive, science based assessments, provide instant insights that take less than 30 minutes to complete.  You'll also get Strategies for Action so you can get started immediately on improving your adaptability.


Change is hard. Together we'll create your own change management plan so you can adapt for the future and thrive. 


// Leaders
// Teams
// Frontline Employees

In today's tumultuous environment, a deep grasp of one's adaptability isn't just beneficial—it's crucial. This isn't just for the C-suite; it's advantageous across the company.


From executives charting the course to teams at every level and frontline warriors, all benefit from understanding and strengthening their adaptability.


Navigating rapid change will become second nature. With tools and insights to boost adaptability, teams and employees will thrive as sustainable high performers, ensuring both personal growth and organizational success.  


How do you measure someone’s adaptability?

We use AQai’s science back approach which is based on over 100 scientific studies.  Their ACE model measures your current ability to adapt to change at work around your Ability, your Character and your Environment. The assessment looks at 5 sub dimensions in these three areas and gives a measurement on each of them so you know what you should continue to leverage and what you need to strengthen. 


How long does the assessment take?  

On average the assessment takes less than 30 minutes. It is done online via an interactive chatbot.  


What will I learn from the assessment?  

Each person learns what abilities they are strong in that help them adapt, and what abilities they need to strengthen to better navigate our fast-changing world. You'll also learn how their character affects their ability to adapt. This awareness helps build your capacity for change. The AQ assessment shines a light on your work environment so you can identify when you are most likely to adapt well to change.  

What can teams learn from the assessment?

Imagine your team is responsible for leading a 5 year transformation project. Knowing the Abilities, Character and Environment of the team will show you where you have adaptability gaps. Does the team need to strengthen their ability to Unlearn or improve their Mindset? Does it have the appetite and capacity for change? Is their environment supportive or stifling? Along with these insights, the team gains a common vocabulary and understanding of concepts of change so they can align and move forward faster.

Can a person or team improve their adaptability?  

Yes! Adaptability is a skill that you can improve and it can become your superpower.  After you take the AQ assessment, you will know your AQ score and then be able to start strengthening your adaptability. You’ll know how your Character affects your adaptability and how to leverage it to help you navigate change. Likewise, you will gain insights into how to improve your environment to support adaptability. All of this can be applied to individuals and teams of 5 or more people. In 6-12 months you can retake the assessment and measure your progress. 

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