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thrive in any situation

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Workshops are tailored to your organizational goals and a mix of theory and practice so you learn - or UNLEARN -  from the start. 


We use a mix of theory and practice to make the sessions engaging and impactful. 


Themes covered may include: 

  • WAKE UP to the change around you!

  • Why adaptability is the #1 skill needed in the workplace

  • Eight Insights of the Adaptive Mind

  • Disciplines of an Adaptive Organization

  • The Four Worlds of Adaptability 

  • The A.C.E. Model of Adaptability 

  • AQTeam Debrief and Action Planning

  • Building an Adaptive Organization

Depending on your goals, workshops are 2 to 8 hours long and can be conducted online or in-person.


As Peter Drucker said, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”


Now you can measure adaptability to identify development areas for individuals and teams. 

The AQme assessment offers a meticulous examination of adaptability across 15 sub-dimensions.


Easily accessible online, this assessment delivers instant and meaningful insights into your adaptability unraveling the intricacies of who adapts, how you adapt, and when you adapt.

For teams of five or more, the AQteam report provides valuable additional insights into collective adaptability.


Discover the dynamics that drive your team's success, and unlock a wealth of knowledge to propel your collective achievements to new heights.

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Ann coaches individuals and teams helping them improve their adaptability at work.


With her expertise, individuals will gain clarity on goals, develop the necessary mindset and skills to navigate change, manage transitions effectively, and thrive in dynamic work environments. 

After diving into your AQ assessment, Ann will work with you to develop a plan to strengthen key adaptability dimensions.


Utilizing specific tools, frameworks and resources, Ann will help you forge a path toward a successful future where you confidently navigate change. 


Need a scalable adaptability program? No problem. Ann taps into her network of over 300 Certified AQai Coaches around the globe and curates the best team for you.

Ann is an AQ Certified Professional Coach with a wealth of experience from her sales and leadership roles in APAC, EMEA, and the USA.

With a strategic blend of Workshops, Assessments and Coaching, Ann and the AQ network bring a science-backed approach to transforming your teams into adaptable powerhouses.

By harnessing the power of adaptability, your organization can confidently navigate change and achieve its corporate goals. Together, we can unleash the potential within your teams and empower them to thrive in any situation.

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