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the art of embracing changE,

the most sought-after skill for work success.

Watch the video below to learn about Adaptability & The Future of Work.

Understanding The


The AQ® Model enables you to scientifically measure your Adaptability Quotient - your AQ - and strengthen it.  

Based on academic and organizational research from 100+ scientific publications in the Financial Times top 50 journals, the AQ® Model provides a framework for understanding, scoring and measuring adaptability.   


The AQ® model comprises three essential pillars: AQ Ability, AQ Character, and AQ Environment.

// AQ ABILITY focuses on assessing how individuals adapt, examining the methods and extent to which they are able to navigate change effectively.


// AQ CHARACTER explores the factors that contribute to an individual's adaptability, delving into the "who" and "why" aspects of their adaptive nature.


// AQ ENVIRONMENT examines the timing and level at which individuals adapt, considering the influence of their surroundings and circumstances.

Each pillar encompasses five distinct sub-dimensions of adaptability, offering a comprehensive framework for understanding and evaluating adaptability in individuals and teams.

By measuring your adaptability using the AQai A.C.E. model, you gain insights into the specific areas where you can improve your adaptive skills. Additionally, you gain an understanding of how your character traits impact your ability to adapt, and recognize the role played by your environment in shaping your adaptive behaviors.

Through this comprehensive assessment, you will uncover valuable insights into your adaptability, empowering you to strengthen essential skills, leverage your character attributes, and optimize your environment for greater adaptability and success.



The AQai A.C.E. Model is based rigorous academia, organizational research and 100+ scientific publications in the Financial Times top 50 journals.

Take a closer look at the science behind AQai’s Adaptability Model as explained by Dr. Nicolas Deuschel, AQai Advisor. 

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